Welcome to the Fall season of 2022

Please fill in the form below and send it to us, but first read this!

After the success of our last season, we are excited to move forward with our Fall season! As always, we want the choir to grow, musically and in a sense of teamwork. We want to support every member of the choir to feel confident and secure in their knowledge of the music we sing, and be ready and comfortable to perform, that only happens as we rehearse together. With that in mind, the management team will more strictly adhere to the attendance policy. While perfect attendance is our hope, we know life happens. Three absences have always been allowed, and we will be stricter about that policy this coming season. If you are going to miss rehearsal for any reason you need to call or WhatsApp the management team and let us know. As always if there is a need for you to miss more than three rehearsals this is something you must discuss with the management team. We need each other to be the best choir possible.

Unfortunately, COVID is not gone, learning to live with this virus means being flexible. If new restrictions are imposed at any time during our season, we will follow the guidelines the government issues. This could also make it impossible to perform (depending on the restrictions). As always, we move forward in hope, as we did this past Spring Season.

Starting date of the new season: September 1st.

If you are experiencing difficulties with registering, then please send an email to info@firechoir.com.

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